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This Gallery is dedicated to a mix of all kinds of cakes. The list is endless, from mother’s day’s cakes, father’s day cakes, St Valentine’s Day cakes, graduation cakes, birthday cakes, Christmas cakes, musical, special events, cars, custom made and much more...

We use the same love and passion in all the cakes. The process is long and complex especially when it comes to replicate sports car in small details. It is not an easy process to transform imagination to reality but our love for decorating makes it possible.  

The choice of ingredients is simple for us: “USE ONLY THE BEST”. Free range eggs, pure Belgian chocolate and NO other substances. That is what gives an unforgettable taste to our cakes. We love the art of cake decoration and 3D cakes are our favourite. We like the feeling when you finally place the cake on the table and walk away. You know you did something for someone’s special day. It is very rewarding!


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Knight Cake



Barrel 3D cake is an outstanding masterpiece for any special event or birthday event. 


This 3D Barrel cake can be done in any flavor & colours.


Grade:  Competition level 

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