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Cake Art Malta Mission Statement

Creativity involves two processes:  thinking and producing. Ideas bring imagination and imagination brings creativity. Without exception, art should be created with extreme passion, and we apply this to every single cake we bake and decorate. To create with love and passion, even the smallest detail makes a difference and every cake becomes a unique piece of art in itself.  


Cake Decorating by Malta cake designer Hannah Coleiro

My passion for art grew with me from my childhood years, In Ukraine.  I’ll never forget the many times I spent enjoying at my grandmother’s garden, and I loved to draw the flowers that decorated the surrounding.

My parents both shared my desire for art and I always had their total support. 

When I moved to Malta, I pursued my ‘culinary arts’ as well as ‘baking and pastry’ studies at the Institute of Tourism Studies, in Saint Julian's. I had no idea to become a pastry chef, I just love the idea to create and express my imagination. After I finished my studies at ITS, I expanded my knowledge further at Paul`s Bradford Sugarcraft School.  It was definitely a step forward as it was the best place to develop my creative skills. 

Without exception, art should be created with extreme passion, and I apply this to every single cake I bake, and decorate. To create with love and passion, even the smallest details makes a difference, and every cake becomes a unique piece of art in itself.    

Hannah Coleiro


Our Vision

Why we stand out?

To create something beautiful, you need to involve passion, hard work and creativity. These are the principle values of our artists. This means that what they do is drive by passion to create amazing cakes.

Quality before quantity is our slogan. This means that we make great cakes using the best ingredients in the market. Our artists are trained to use these ingredients in the right way for the best outcome possible. 


We aim at satisfying our customers completely which is why we do not take any shortcuts towards creating new memories for you. Using the right ingredients in quality assurance, trained professionals as artists and with a mind open to new ideas, we make sure that the cake we deliver to you will always meet your expectations

Driven by the strong desire to give our customers the best cake experience of all time, we design and make cakes on our own. There is no limitation to the cakes we make and can very well serve for wedding celebrations, birthday, graduation, anniversary and many other occasions all based on the instructions or order you give, therefore custom made.

Malta Wedding Cakes designer Hannah Coleiro

Achievement of certification in  culinary arts, Pastry & Baking, Kitchen & Larder, Theory & Practical at the Institute of  Tourism Studies Malta. Food Handling, HACCP Principles.




Achievement of certification in 

culinary arts, Pastry & Baking,

Kitchen & Larder,

Theory & Practical

at the Institute of 

Tourism Studies Malta.

Food Handling,

HACCP Principles.

Cake art Malta

Cake Art Malta has been around since 2012. We’ve made hundreds of cakes since then and decorated them for every type of special event imaginable- birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, the list is endless. If it requires a cake and you want it to be spectacularly designed to look and taste great, contact us!  Every cake we create has a unique design because we compose an original one for each project based on the customer’s requests and our artistic vision of how to bring their ideas to life. We take pride in our work and have never turned down a request no matter how difficult it seemed at first. It may take more work, creativity, or materials to make a unique edible presentation for someone’s celebration, but we thrive on the challenges and experimentation opportunities my livelihood offers me.


What We Offer                                                                                                                                                                       

Cake Art Malta stands out from other specialty cake bakers by offering a completely unique design for every single cake we make. Once we get an order detailing the customer’s requirements, we start sketching a design that we think will help set the right tone for the event and bring joy to the honoree(s) by bringing a representation of them or what they love to life. Our designs do not follow a form or template; rather, we use the buyer’s input as guidance and rely on our imagination and creativity for the rest

Create your cake

Process to Create Your Own Cake   Visit https://www.cakeartmalta.com/create-your-own-cake/ to tell us what you want for your special occasion. We are happy to create the cake of your dreams!                          Figure you wanted not listed above? Don’t worry; we can make any requested figure! All we need is an idea of how you would like it to look. Just search the image online and paste a valid link for it in the dialog box on the Create Your Own Cake page of https://www.cakeartmalta.com (Depending on how detailed or complex the desired figure is, it may cost more, but rest assured that we will find a way to bring your dream design to (edible) life!

cake delivery service

We offer delivery service  between Monday to Friday between 10:00am - 4:00pm and Saturdays between 10:00am- 4:00pm. The cake is done four to five business days after your order is confirmed. You can choose to have it delivered to many locations in Malta (we can deliver virtually anywhere except some areas of Sliema and Valletta), or you can choose a  pick up method. 

All our cakes are delivered in a well protective cake box/ the cake box is made from thick carton to ensure a well delivered product. 

personalised 2d cake


In a very similar way, we offer 2D printing options 

Create a Personalized 2D Print Cake                                                                                                                                            We also offer custom 2D print cakes. See https://www.cakeartmalta.com/2d-print-cakes/ to place an order!  The steps are the same as for Create Your Own Cake, with a few changes: 

To help you (or someone else) save on a sweet celebration, Cake Art Malta offers gift vouchers.  You can also opt to subscribe to Cake Art Malta when placing an order to learn about promotional offers and discounts.                                                                                                                

Our great service has earned Cake Art Malta praise from many satisfied customers. Here is just one enthusiastic review: “Dear Hannah, you truly made the cake of our dreams. We were overwhelmed when we saw it. You created 3 tiers with 3 different cake fillings, all of which were delicious! Hard to tell which was our favorite! Whenever we contacted you, you replied. You delivered on time, made our wishes and imagination a reality. I wish you all the best and cannot thank you enough for the beautiful, tasty product you delivered for our big day. You will be highly recommended! Keep it Up! P.s I will send you photos of the cake once they are sent to me by our photographer & pls feel free to share them” See more at https://www.facebook.com/pg/cakesbyhannahmalta/reviews/?ref=page_internal


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