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Welcome to the Baby Shower Cake section where love, passion, imagination and creativity meet together to form the cake of your dreams. Children are full of dreams and at CakeArtMalta we want to make sure that every dream, birthday or special event becomes true.

Our kid’s selection varies from baby shower cakes, little boys and boys to little girls and girls. We provide cakes in different shapes, designs and sizes to match your imagination. The production of the Cake involves a long process: from just a little sketch to design, modelling and colouring small details becomes a challenge. It is not always an easy process to transform imagination to reality but our love for decorating makes it possible. 

Whether you are looking for birthday cakes for girls and boys, holy communion cakes, or for any other occasion, you can rest assured that we can make your dream come true!

 The choice of ingredients is simple for us: “USE ONLY THE BEST”. Free range eggs, pure Belgian chocolate and NO other substances. That is what gives an unforgettable taste to our cakes.  

We love the art of cake decoration and 3D cakes are our favourite.

 We like the feeling when you finally place the cake on the table and walk away. You know you did something for someone’s special day. It is very rewarding!

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Bear baby shower cake


Bears Baby Shower Cake: This 3 tier cake is a fantastic combination of style, design, colour and detail 3D figures. A very special Cake for a very special event. 


This Cake can be done is different size/ 1 to 3 tier level and in different colours or flavors according to client request.  

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