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Birthday Cakes have been around since the 15th century, when bakeries start to sell a one layer cake for birthday events. This market began in Germany where it believes that German bakeries started this baking focused mainly on simple birthday cakes. Since then birthday cakes have evolved in so many different ways from endless recipes to different shapes and styles; it seems that every culture has left its own touch.


Today different baking companies focus on different factors, some on taste, some on shapes and some others on design, we at Cake Art Malta choose to include all of them and take creativity and design to a new level. As demand increased also our customer expectations increased; it was no longer sufficient to have great quality and taste to exceed our customer expectations but unique and creative design had to be part of it. Here in our birthday cakes section, we have a variety of unique cakes with custom design (as per client request), the process to create these cakes is not easy and sometimes it can turn very challenging; however our team of experts can manage to handle nearly any tasks that sometimes seem impossible.  

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Birthday cakes

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