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We wish to thank everyone who was involved in helping rescue this cute puppy. Will be posting more photos about Misha in the near future, she is doing very well and enjoying her time with her family :-)


This is her story. 

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I have been recently rescued by Hannah from a farm where I was kept for 7 months in a small cage and never had the possibility to walk or run, for this same reason I have been diagnosed with a knee  malformation and urgently needed operation in both knees, the operation cost 1200 Euros. Hannah, Masha and all the Cakeart team refused to given me to the animal welfare and thanks to them, I am now on my way to recovery.

I wish to thank everyone involved for their support. 

Just Rescued 

On the way to the Vet 

Waiting at the vet reception 


Enjoying her time with her new family 

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