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Cakes are usually the determinant of how well a wedding ceremony is going. This means that a good cake is important as it forms one of the main subject matters for any given wedding. To get a good and reliable person who will make a cake for your wedding is therefore a preparation that is worth so much, not so much in monetary sense, but in terms of the expectation of quality. Cake Art Malta has been the reason or rather, the face behind so many cakes in so many weddings. It is therefore the most ideal and the best person to entrust your cake responsibilities for your wedding or any other cake requiring occasion.

A couple that commented on how the cake turned out to be superb particularly because the cake design was superb. The color on the other hand was just marvelous. It was exactly what they wanted but surprising is the fact that they did not know this until they actually saw it in completion. It started when they visited the website and said that they wanted a cake that would be in touch with the event but they did not know how or what design they wanted neither it to be nor the color

. All they did was to provide the theme color for their wedding and the expected number of guests. The bulk of the work was therefore left to the Cake Art Malta team who in turn did their part in making the wedding magical. So if you cannot decide what you want, or not sure Cake Art Malta will get you covered.

Another customer that commented how difficult it is to actually choose which cake for the occasion because everything that is on the website were all so amazing; that it is almost impossible to actually choose what he wanted. Each and every cake is therefore very interesting in its own way. The tastes are all incredible and in all sense very unique from the others, if he could, he would order them all. 

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    Warren Mizzi (Wednesday, 14 November 2018 08:44)

    Dear Hannah, you truly made the cake of our dreams. We were overwhelmed when we saw it. You created 3 tiers with 3 different cake fillings, all of which were delicious! Hard to tell which was our favorite! Whenever we contacted you, you replied. You delivered on time, made our wishes and imagination a reality. I wish you all the best and cannot thank you enough for the beautiful, tasty product you delivered for our big day. You will be highly recommended! Keep it Up! P.s I will send you photos of the cake once they are sent to me by our photographer & pls feel free to share them

  • #2

    Margaret Orrock (Wednesday, 14 November 2018 13:33)

    The wedding cake ( Maltese Bus) you made for our daughters wedding was amazing and it tasted as good as it looked. Thank you

  • #3

    Perry Colenso (Wednesday, 14 November 2018 13:36)

    Just received my delivery now and it looks incredible! Thanks a lot Hannah and I shall be back :D

  • #4

    Warren Mizzi (Wednesday, 14 November 2018 13:36)

    You definitely will Hannah. I speak for the both of us. You exceeded our expectations and as I said earlier I will definitely share photos once we have them.

  • #5

    Claire Foster (Wednesday, 14 November 2018 13:37)

    Dear Hannah, Thank you so much for Our Awesome Blaze and The Monster Machines cake..... my son Tatum absolutely loved it..... and it tasted as good as it looked. We really appreciated that you made it for us, even though you only arrived back from your trip the day before. We will be happy to come back again for our next event. Thank you again.

  • #6

    Lesley Stewart (Wednesday, 14 November 2018 13:42)

    Lesley Stewart recommends Cake Art by Hannah Coleiro.
    Hannah has been absolutely amazing. I contacted her from Scotland in January and conversed through email to plan our wedding cake.

    On Saturday, after the ceremony, I saw it for the very first time and was overwhelmed. It was absolute beautiful.

    We cannot thank her enough for everything she has done. The cake was commented on by so many guests and it tasted delicious too.

    Thank you Hannah, you added a bit more magic to our day with your fantastic creation.

  • #7

    Elizabeth Louise Whitaker-Holmes (Wednesday, 14 November 2018 14:19)

    Wow thank you so much Hannah. Our wedding cake was fantastic and tasted Ana. Love love love red velvet.

  • #8

    Margaret Orrock (Wednesday, 14 November 2018 14:24)

    The wedding cake ( Maltese Bus) you made for our daughters wedding was amazing and it tasted as good as it looked. Thank you

  • #9

    Claire Foster (Wednesday, 14 November 2018 14:25)

    Thank you for the Lovely Super Wings Cake Hannah, everyone loved it as ALWAYS

  • #10

    Anna Scicluna (Wednesday, 14 November 2018 14:26)

    Lovely. Well done

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